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North America

Act, Declaration and Testimony, for the Whole of our Covenanted Reformation, as Attained to, and Established in, Britain and Ireland; Particularly Betwixt the Years 1638 and 1649, Inclusive. As, Also, Against All the Steps of Defection From Said Reformation, Whether in Former or Later Times, Since the Overthrow of that Glorious Work, Down to this Present Day.-1761-Reformed Presbytery, of Scotland, Ireland and America.-This is the Judicial Testimony emitted by the Reformed Presbytery wherein a number of controverted principles are asserted with special emphasis upon the doctrine of the civil magistrate and their controversy with the Seceders over this teaching. The American church abandoned this testimony in 1806; the Scottish church in 1839; the Irish church sometime later. Under the leadership of Robert Lusk and David Steele, this Testimony was restored to its position amongst adherents of the Reformed Presbytery (“Steelite”).

Terms of Christian and Ministerial Communion.-1761-Reformed Presbytery, of Scotland, Ireland and America.-These are the terms of communion as they were adopted by the Reformed Presbytery, in 1761. The American church abandoned them in 1806; the Scottish church in 1822; the Irish church later.

Act of the Reformed Presbytery in North America for a Public Fast with the Causes thereof.-1795-Reformed Presbytery, in America.-This act contains the lament of the scattered Covenanters in the wilderness of North America after many of their erstwhile brethren, together with their ministers, united with two bodies of Seceders to form the Associate Reformed Presbyterian church, in 1782. Mssrs. King and M'Kinney were sent to America to revive the cause of covenanted reformation as outlined in this act.

Argument On The Magistrate’s Power Circa-Sacra. [Published as an Overture.]-1834-Reformed Presbyterian Church, in America.-This Overture, written by Rev. William Sloane, who was a member of the Synod, defends the Reformed position the power of the magistrate circa sacra. It does so contrasting this view against that of Erastians and those who hold to religious toleration.

Argument on the Arminian Controversy. [Published in Overture.]-1836-Reformed Presbyterian Church, in America.-This Overture, prepared by Rev. Moses Roney, a member of the Synod, presents an excellent overview of the Arminian controversy in its history and doctrine. It presents a vigorous defense of Calvinism following the order of the “five points” as discussed at Dort. His discussion on the Arminian assertion of “common grace” is particularly helpful.

An Overture entitled “Testimony for Public Covenanting.”-1839-Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.-The American Synod presents the doctrine of covenanting together with its history with an eye to renovation of covenants. This document is filled with many helpful and interesting information not easily available elsewhere.