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The Confession of Faith of the Kirk of Scotland.-1580-The National Church of Scotland.-This is the second Scottish confession, also called the National Covenant, or Negative Confession. To this is appended the acts of Parliament and additions made at the renewal, in 1638.

The Solemn League and Covenant.-1643-The Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland.-This is both a political league and a religious covenant between the three nations for establishing a covenanted uniformity of religion together with providing a mutual defense.

An exhortation to the taking of the Solemn League and Covenant for Reformation and defence of Religion.-1643-The Parliament.-An Act designed to gain a broader acceptance for the Solemn League and Covenant amongst the populace by commending its several ends as worthy of patronage.

The Directory for the Publick Worship of God.-1645-Westminster Assembly.-This is the directory given for attaining covenanted uniformity in the matter of the public worship of God. It includes directions for ordinary worship and those extraordinary times to be observed or ordered for the glory of God.

The Form of Presbyterial Church-Government.-1645-Westminster Assembly.-The second finished production of the Assembly designed for covenanted uniformity, this contains a full account of the nature and function of Presbyterian church government.

The Directory for Family-Worship, Approved by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, for Piety and Uniformity in Secret and Private Worship, and Mutual Edification.-1647-Westminster Assembly.-A series of directives issued by the Westminster Assembly on how to conduct family worship complete with a list of things to do and things to avoid.

The Larger Catechism.-1648-Westminster Assembly.-The Larger Catechism was written for those who have made some proficiency in the grounds of the true religion.